Once you complete your fellowship, you become part of something larger: a powerful network of teachers dedicated to supporting their students and communing with over 9,000 other Fellows.

Our Fellows have proven that whenever teachers define their own learning opportunities, their students grow and their communities are strengthened. That’s why we launched The Ramsden Project to facilitate connections and transformational relationships across a community of FFT Fellows and other educators.

A portion of our Ramsden programs will be hosted on this site:  the Mentor Program and the Circles Program.  

  • The Mentor Program is designed to support our newest class of fellows - helping them maximize their fellowship learning experiences and propel their impact in the classroom.  
  • The Circles Program is designed to bring fellows together around important and timely topics.  Fellows get to determine their problem of practice and work with other fellows to find solutions and transform their classrooms.  

Why Join the Mentor Program?

  • PROACTIVELY PREPARE for your fellowship 
  • REFINE your plans to maximize your learning 
  • PLAN for powerful impact in your classroom
  • AMPLIFY your impact in your community
  • GROW your network within the Fund for Teachers community

Why Join the Circles Program?

  • LEARN through collaboration, discussion and sharing  
  • SUPPORT others who are experiencing similar challenges
  • LEVERAGE FRIENDLY ACCOUNTABILITY to try practices that will support your goals
  • GROW your network within the Fund for Teachers community

I became more courageous by doing the very things that I needed to be courageous for -- first a little and badly.  Then, bit by bit, more and better.  Being avidly -- sometimes annoyingly -- curious and persistent about discovering how others were doing what I wanted to do.  - Audre Lorde

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