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A Ramsden Circle is a peer-to-peer learning format that connects you with other Fellows who share common interests or learning objectives.  You will have the opportunity to define specific problems of practice and find solutions that work in your classroom. Reflection, collaboration and risk-taking will be integral elements of these professional learning experiences. All Circles, no matter the topic, share these common elements:

  •  A fellow, who has expertise in the topic, will facilitate your circle as a Lead Fellow  
  • Circles are centered on your practice -- you will make decisions about how to use your time and what you decide to work on.    
  • Those that complete the Circle will get a certificate of completion from Fund for Teachers   
  • Circles are FREE! 
So what are you waiting for? Enroll in the Ramsden Circles Program today! 

Why Join a Circle?

  • LEARN through collaboration, discussion and sharing  
  • SUPPORT others who are experiencing similar challenges
  • LEVERAGE FRIENDLY ACCOUNTABILITY to try practices that will support your goals
  • GROW your network within the Fund for Teachers community. 
Promoting Student Engagement in Virtual Environments

Many of us are teaching virtually, challenging us to stretch our skills to engage students.  In this Circle, we will elevate our most pressing problems of practice related to student engagement in virtual learning.  Together, we will share, find and test solutions in our virtual classrooms.  Then, at our next session we get to talk about how it went and plan for adjustments!

A note about software:  If you are looking for a training that will teach you how to use software, this Circle may not be for you.  We are sure that some discussion about software will happen, but the focus will be on our pedagogical toolkit and how software may allow us to adapt and refine our practices. 

This learning opportunity is free for Fellows in good standing who meet the following additional criteria:
  1. Driven to find solutions to problems you are struggling with;
  2. Willing to take risks and test possible solutions in your virtual classroom;
  3. Seeking a collaborative learning experience that won’t include conference-style ‘sage on the stage’ lectures; and,
  4. Can commit to actively engaging in all meetings (6-7:30 CT) on Zoom:
October 1
October 15
October 29
November 12
December 3
December 17

I believe that it is almost impossible for people to change alone.  We need to join with others who will push us in our thinking and challenge us to do things we didn't believe ourselves capable of.  -Frances Moore Lappe

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